Welcome to ICCC2019

Warm welcome to all the delegates taking part in the “First International Cover Crops Conference” held on 20 September – 26 September 2019 in Lanzhou, China.

The purpose of this conference is convened to gather international experts and scholars to exchange achievements and technology in the effort of solving wind erosion of soil by covering crops in winter, improving ecological and economic benefits of agricultural production, and then constructing modern agricultural technology system in cold and drought areas to promote sustainable agricultural development in the world.

The Conference focus on "developing winter cover crops, protecting ecological environment, and constructing modern agricultural technology system in cold and drought ?areas.The reference will cover the research topics on the theory and technology of efficient mulching patterns based on winter cover crops, research and development of winter cover crops germplasm and new theory and method of variety improvement, mechanism of covering crops to protect ecological environment in winter and the ways ?to develop modern agricultural technology system in cold and drought ?areas.


On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I thank you for your participation and your interest in interacting with all the colleagues. In particular, I thank the invited Keynote Speakers from the United States, Canada, and those distinguished scientists from Chinese universities and institutes. Your willingness to share your expertise and research experience with peer researchers is critical to make the conference a success! I trust that this event provides excellent opportunity to interact each other and exchange ideas among researchers and tech-transfer specialists. Also, I believe this is an excellent start for brainstorming ideas in international collaborative research with a common goal of advancing global science and technologies.


Enjoy the conference and stay in the beautiful city – Lanzhou!

Chair of the organizing committee:

Jiangping Bai, Gansu Agricultural University

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